A Fabulous Meal at The Chefs Club by Food & Wine in NYC

[Editor's Note: This post was adapted from my old blog website where it all started (hosted on Wordpress) and was originally published in April 2015.]

A few weeks ago, I reunited with Kim, a lovely friend and former coworker of mine.  She moved to France about two years ago, but we have kept in touch over the years.  I was very excited when she texted me and told me she would be coming to visit NYC and she wanted to see me!

We didn't pin down a meeting place until that day.  I thought we would just be going to a local bar to grab some drinks and catch up.  Instead, she asked me to meet her at The Chefs Club on Mulberry Street where her boyfriend and amazing chef, Jean Sevegnes, was cooking as a guest Chef for the week they were in town.

When I arrived, I was immediately excited.  Excited to see Kim and excited with how cool this place was.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the kitchen was an open concept. It was mesmerizing as I watched the chefs working away.  To the left of the kitchen was a huge block of pink himalayan salt (my favorite!) hanging from the ceiling.  The restaurant was dimly lit and very welcoming.

Kim and I sat at the bar.  We were immediately embraced by another of my former coworkers and one of the chefs of the evening, Chef Didier Elena.  He greeted us with a big plate of oysters that looked phenomenal and a plate of perfectly seared scallops.  The Celiac in me immediately panicked - how nice of him to treat us to some delicious goodies, but I probably can't even eat it.  My fear subsided within seconds, because he introduced the food and said "No gluten!"  Kim gave the chefs a heads up that I had Celiac and had to be gluten free. Not to mention that she is sticking to a gluten free diet also, for her own dietary needs.  I was so excited and so thankful for her being such a great friend!  Now I could enjoy this dish and dive right in.

The oysters were the freshest I have ever tasted.  They were so good, we asked for a second order. The scallops were also incredible and were served on top of a bed of quinoa.


After we devoured these dishes, we selected some dishes to share.  We ordered a seafood stew filled with shrimp, mussels and clams in a warm broth and another round of oysters.  So.  Good.


The chefs wouldn't let us leave without dessert, of course.  I was practically drooling while Chef Elena was explaining.  That entire dessert was gluten free and, within minutes, the entire dessert was gone.  It was chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, a chocolate sorbet on the side and topped with a chocolate tuile.  This was the most perfect dessert I have ever had, and no, it was NOT too much chocolate.


The evening was wonderful.  Throughout our meal, our friends came to visit and chat any chance they could quickly escape from the kitchen.  It was so nice to be reunited with Kim and my other former coworkers.

Thank you, Chefs Club, for an amazing night and an incredible dinner.