Gluten Free Artisanal Pasta Making Class at The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC

[Editor's Note: This post was adapted from my old blog website where it all started (hosted on Wordpress) and was originally published in April 2015.]

Many times, being gluten free presents its challenges.  Other times, it has introduced me to a world of new opportunities.

One of my favorite experiences was attending a gluten free pasta making class about a year and a half ago at The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC.  Making homemade pasta - let alone being able to eat it - was always on my bucket list, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find out I could still accomplish this.  My mom found this class and asked if I would be interested.  Best of all, she would foot the bill for it.  One of the coolest birthday presents I have ever received!

About ten minutes before the class started, we were escorted into the kitchen and given an apron and a recipe booklet for the class.  Our instructor spent the first hour showing us how to craft various pasta shapes all with doughs that were completely gluten free.  We were then paired up in teams of two and we went around the room and chose which pasta we would focus on for the night.  Luckily, I was first pick and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to make tortellini.  They are just so cute.

After I mixed the flour and eggs and rolled out the dough, I hand cranked the pasta and fed it through the machine until it reached the proper thickness.  Our instructor came over and gave me kudos on the consistency of my dough.  That part was pretty fun, but the most satisfying part of the process was when I cut the dough into pretty little circles, filled them with a ricotta cheese mixture and then twisted them into shape.  The tortellinis looked so professional, it was hard to believe I created them!  The pictures below are from my class.  Can you believe I made that?


We sat down and had a family-style meal where everyone tasted all the fun creations from the night including spaghetti, raviolis and even a chocolate dessert ravioli.

It has been very difficult to find cooking classes that focus around a gluten free lifestyle.  I had a blast taking this class and am definitely always keeping an eye out for other fun opportunities I can participate in!

Have you ever taken any gluten free cooking classes in/around the NYC area or in Southwest Florida?  I'd love to hear about them!