Hosting a meal for family and friends and need to cater to a gluten free guest?  Not to worry - I've got you covered!

If you're anything like me, you enjoy getting together with family and friends for those special occasions or just because.  But, add in the realization that the gathering will be focused around a meal and everything changes.  I often get stressed out and super anxious wondering if there will be anything I can (safely) eat, especially when getting together with family other than my own or new friends.  Over the years, it doesn't necessarily get easier as a guest.  However, you can easily host a very safe, Celiac-friendly meal.   

It's helpful to realize that having a guest with Celiac will require a little more care and precaution when it comes to the meal prep and cooking.  I've put together a comprehensive checklist that will help guide you to creating a perfectly safe GF meal.  Click HERE to download your copy today!

While you may follow all of the guidelines and feel as though you've thoroughly done your best to ensure a safe meal, your GF guest may approach you with some questions about ingredients, recipes you used, or maybe even offer additional suggestions based off his/her own experiences or comfort level.  Don't take that too personally and assume they don't trust you.  Speaking from experience, it can sometimes be stressful to enjoy a home cooked meal without supervising the entire meal prep and being in control of all the cooking!