Hi!  I'm Alli, a 30-something living in sunny Florida after years of immersing myself in the heart of NYC after graduating college.  I appreciate a good pun, palm trees, cooking, scoring 100s in skeeball and a fun book. I am also a Certified Health Coach!  I recently married my college sweetheart, Dave who is six-foot-six gentle giant. I’ve been loving group fitness classes and am now a regular at both Pure Barre and Cycle Bar! I also have my PADI Scuba certification.


The gluten free lifestyle found me in May 2013 with a simple visit to a GI doctor.  After years of experiencing discomfort, bloating and pain after every meal, my mom nagged me to get things checked out.  I ended up having a very awkward discussion with the GI about my symptoms (it seemed like we were getting all too personal way too quickly)... He drew some blood while I was there and it wasn't even 24 hours before I received the news.

Honestly, I didn't even know what Celiac was - it sounded awful and like something that would require me to transform my life.  The day I found out, I spent hours researching what Celiac means, how it impacts the body and how this would influence my diet.  It seemed impossible - and a little unfair - that I had to change my eating habits within days.  There was so much to learn - What CAN I actually eat?  There's gluten in THAT? How will I ever manage?!

It has been a long journey to feeling comfortable and accepting my new lifestyle.  Each day presents its food related challenges since many factors are often out of my control (outside of meals at home).  It doesn't really get easier dining out or enjoying a meal with friends, but I'm learning every day and am excited to share my wisdom with you!  


A very special thank you to my college roomie, Jess, for coming up with the most amazing name for my brand.  I will forever be grateful for you, not only for coming up with the blog title, but also for our friendship!
Another huge thank you my sorority little, Brooke, for creating the most perfect logo for me.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work!  Check out her site to see what she can help you with - from logo design to invites and more at http://www.brookeboothe.com!
Thank you to my sweet friend, Christine, for playing photographer for the day and taking endless pictures until I found the perfect one!
And of course I cannot thank my family, friends and fiancé, Dave, enough for their patience in my gluten free journey and supporting me in every way possible. Xoxo